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Urban planning
the science of that object is the planning, the planning, the configuration and the constitution of city in order that with the rational and base of conclusions of science of geophysical data and her prospects it can function as space of vj'wsis, but also economic, social and technological entity.

Urban Right
the total of obligatory rules of right that regulates the planning and planning of cities and more generally the built-up units.
His rules are distinguished in two types:
a) LAWFUL Or REGULATING: that forecast the frames and place the conditions, and the terms of urban configuration.
V) EPEMVATJKOYS: that determine the frames, the terms and the conditions, as well as the aims of built-up policy of state with his active attendance.

Urban Drawing
the binding written text, in which they are determined in detail in scale of city, settlement or their department, the communal spaces, the terms and restrictions of layout, by any chance industrial and archaeological, and generally each what other, that is forecasted with the each built-up laws, general or experts, that concern concrete city or settlement.
It should it determines:
a) the communal spaces, that are necessary (roads-thicket-bed ktl.)
v) the plots for the construction public and municipal buildings, temples and remaining ecclesiastical buildings and anyone of other buildings of common utility.
c) the buildable spaces for residences, but also for the installation of industrial units.
d) their by any chance existing archaeological spaces, inside or except drawing of city.

Consequences of approval of General Urban Drawing (GPS)
1) Each layout in the region of extensions is only allowed, provided that it is not contrary to in the prohibitions of this drawing
2) The public services, the organisms and the enterprises of common utility are compelled to adapt the housing programs and the programs and drawings of growth of their networks of infrastructure according to the general forecasts of GPS.
3) You allow the obligatory alienation of real estates of region for the creation of built-up regions.
4) From the publication of decision for the common process of pension of GPS and up to the approval of action of application the state practises RIGHT of PREFERENCE.

Structural Right
The total of obligatory rules of right, with which are determined the terms, the restrictions and the conditions on the implementation of any manufacture inside or except the approved drawings of cities or settlements, so that they serve the social interest, but also is protected natural, built-up and cultural environment.
The provisions of this laws (GOK) it is public order, di'l. they have been established thanks to the general interest, they are binding and they can be modified with private agreement.

1) Plot that is included in drawing of city is considered even and buildable, if it has the minimal limits of area and person, at the rule or at deviation, which are determined in the region and if in in the buildable department it can be registered ground plan of building with the minimal surface and side, provided that it is determined by the terms of layout and region.
2) Plot that is found in rymotomjko' drawing is considered even and buildable:
a) when it is plot that has been created before the publication of this law, if it has the minimal limits of area and person, at the rules or at deviation, that is in effect in the region.
v) when it is plot that has been created afterwards the publication of this law, if it has the minimal limits of area and person, at the rules or at deviation, that is in effect in the region, if this is bigger and simultaneously can register in the buildable department his ground plan of building with the minimal surface 50 t.m. and side 5m.
3) plots that have person two or more communal spaces, for which are in effect different minimal limits of area and person, are considered even provided that they have smallest than these.
4) Corner plots, even and buildable, that lost artjo'tita their as for the area because apo'tmisjs at the imposition of galleries, are considered even and buildable.

Low Building
this that main use of is the residence and which has biggest height of 8,5 m., not included the roof from the final level of ground and has total surface that is calculated in the SD maximum 400 t.m..

Width of Street
in each point of his axis it is the between the rymotomjkw'n lines length of slash in the axis in this point.

Building Square
it is each domi'sjmi single extent that is found inside the approved rymotomjkoy' drawing or in in the limits of settlement and is surrounded by communal spaces.

Building Line
it is the limit of building square that is fixed by the rymotomjko' drawing to the side of maintenance charges of space, until which is allowed the layout of.

Person of Plot
it is his limit to the communal space

The manufacture that is constituted by technical work and installations and is intended for:
a) the eve of persons or animals, as the residence and the stable,
v) the implementation of work ' the exercise of profession, as the shop and the factory,
c) the storage the ' placement of things, as the deposits, the space of quartering of cars, the silo, the reservoir of liquids and
d) the placement or operation of instruments, as antljosta'sjo.

Feroysa Manufacture of Building
the department that is transported immediately or indirectly in the territory, the permanent and beneficial charges of building, as well as the influences of generally forces that act in this. MANUFACTURES of COMPLETION are the remainder departments that supplement the building and serve his destination.

Cover of Plot
the surface that is surrounded by the projections of outlines of all buildings of plot on horizontal level.

Rate of Cover of Plot
the reason of biggest surface that is allowed it is covered to the total surface of plot.

Factor of Layout
the number, which multiplied with the surface of plot gives the total surface of all floors of buildings that can be manufactured in the plot according to the being in effect provisions.

Syntellesti's At volume of exploitation of Plot
the number, which multiplied with the surface of plot gives the total volume of building, that can be manufactured above the marginal level of ground.

Height of Building
in his certain place, it is the vertical distance that constitutes the starting line of measurement, at the provisions of this law, until the final level of final above surface of last floor, in which are included the insulation and her coating in this place. Biggest than the heights that are realised they are the biggest realised height of building.

Biggest Allowed Height of Building
it is the height of maximum level of building, above which is prohibited each layout, apart from the installations that are allowed specifically and restrictively.

I.Y. Space
it is the accomodated space of building, which the one at least side of is open to the communal space or the overdraft spaces of plot that prosmetrw'ntaj in the cover and his remainder sides are fixed by walls or vertically fe'ronta or not elements and are used for the locomotion or provisional eve of persons.

it is the horizontal ledge of plate of flooring of floor or room, which it surrounds, with or without the use of joists, beyond the surfaces of aspects of building and is used for the locomotion and the provisional eve of persons.

Alfresco Space
it is the free space that is found above the roof of closed?

he is the not accomodated department of plot or building that is surrounded by all his sides and by the building or the buildings of plot.

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