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the renting constitutes the main manner utilization a realty since constitutes the most important fountain income for the owner.

Renting categories for the civically realties
A. House renting
B. Professional renting

Advantages - Disadvantages :
- The house renting has lower minimum length ( 3 years ) in addition with the professional that its minimum time length is more than ( 12 years with the right for another 4 ).
- The damages to the house are more expensive. In the professional renting with the finding of the suitable holder it accepted and the fitting cost of the professional cover according to it's needs.
- It is considered that the house is renting more easier since effect is the covering of the housing needs, in addition to the professional cover that it depends of the locality marketing that the realty is placed, the professional needs and the suitability of the place. As well in case of special buildings (ex. industrial) the circle of the candidate holders is more less and the rental capability is more difficult.
- The professional renting gives length to restitution of the realty and can under conditions to provide high return.
- For the professional renting owned compensation in case of early interrupt from the lessor. In the house renting the interrupt with the passing of minimun time length the lessor does not own compensation.
- In case of professional renting the holder owns compensation to the lessor for the early interrupt. This does not stand in case of house renting, as long as been agreed a time length insted of the minimum legally.

Professional Renting Characteristics :
Length : 12 years minimum with extension right for another 4 years, that is until 16 years.
Readjustment : free, according to the contracted volition. Judical check for the enormous yearly readjustments.
Charge Proportions :
a) cantacerousness
b) reconstruction
c) usage by its own owner
d) charge for creaky demolition
e) holder failure
f) for unconventionally grant land to third party
g) for bad use of the salaried
h) through 16 years completion without compensation
i) through 12 years completion with 24 months compensation, within nine months from the 12 years    completion.

Compensations :
- Usage by its own owner : 16-30 rentals
- Through development : 12-18 rentals
- Through ownership occupancy : 8-18 rentals
- Through rental usage conversion to house again : without compensation.
- Through creaky demolitioní : without compensation.
- Renter right to stop the leasing after two years passes.
In that case the charge results occur after 6 months and the renter owns to the lessor 4 months    compansation.
- Renter complaint under ifs and ands. 4 rentals compensation - compaint result after 6 months.


House Searching
Searching for a house, begin a marketing search in your interesting area, asking everywhere, even if there no to let notices. Following, refer in the small newspaper announcements. If you will not find and there that you are looking for refer to an authentic local real estate agent. However, avoid the "seeming information offices", that are not real estate offices. Most times the "information" that gives you are superannuated and without any value. Generally, do not pay any fee as deposit, before you rent the house you found and interest you.

House Check
Check the house you found for rent very carefully without any hurry, as the condition that is with the persons that are going to live together with. If it is night ask to see it with the daylight. If there are visible faults ask for restaration or to be written in the rental contract. Check round the house to find all that you want (transport, market, schools etc.).

Economical Obligations
Do not hurry to rent a house if the rental is too high or is more than your economical possibilities. Always can be found another house with better economical terms. Also be notified about the rest economical obligations you accept (apartment house rules, communal, dealings, demotic dues etc.).

Do not ever throw rentals or deposits if you are not sure that the man who asks them is the real owner of the house you rent, or his plenipotentiary.

Renter Duration
Every main house rental has minimun length for the renter at least three(3) years from ots start, independently if in the hiring contract has been agreeded a less time spacing. However the renter can leave from the hired earlier than the three years, but before expires the time length he sign in the renting contract, without any economical consistency. After the three years expiration the rental usually continuous with a silent agreement owner and renter, until past tense. This means that the renter can leave when he wants and the owner can ask from the renter to leave when he wants.

Rental - Increase
In the hiring contract must be written always the agreeded rental. Any increase that is agreeded is valid, such for the time length of the first three years, and for the rest. Usually it is agreeded as yearly increment the percentage of the price index increased at 1-2 units. If the rental time length is less than three years, then for the rest years that needed to be completed the three years, in case of contracted argument it is prefigure yearly increment equal with the 75%of the price index increased at the last 12 months.

At a rental synapsis usually is given as a quarantee a deposit, one month rental for the old houses and two months rentals for the new houses, price that is returned at the renter departure, the house return to the owner and the clearance of all the economical suspensions.

Rent cashing denial from the owner
If you normally offered the rental to the owner but he illicitly refused to take it, for not been reflect acid, you have the right to reposit the money at the Tameio Parakathikon & Daneion, in his name and to announce with a judicial tutor the consignment note, or to reposit to a notary or to your lawyer, and he will give advices for the rest.

Non rental payment
According to recent law modification, it is foresee a very shortly ejection procedure every renter who does not pay the rental. Firstly it is announced a extrajudical invitation for the score payment. If the score pay out in a month, then the procedure stops directly here, except if that has happened in the past. If the score do not be pay out, directly is published and announcement "hired refund command" which is executed after 20 days. The renter has the rigth to train with his lawyer caveat at the command, showing warranty, like the payment of the score.

Assignment due rentals to the state.
Attention: If leaving a rental house you own rentals that finally you did not pay to the owner, for releasing the obligation of the tax means deposit, has the right to assign without exchange (that is to give as a gift) at the government, the period that submits the tax declaration of the next year. The government, after that, will anyway take them from you as a "state income", that is with the practice of the clauses of KEDE, through it will not give to you tax witting until you pay out! For that reason do not leave scores to your lessor, and always ask warrant for any deposit to him.

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