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It is important to know how to go about selling your property in Greece! Looking for a local specialist?

Contract Papers

Realty Transfer Documents

1. Identity photocopy.
2. AFM photocopy.
3. E-9 photocopy.
4. Realty titles (contract).
5. Plot topographic diagram plus the floor plan.
6. Affirmation from the Municipality that the realty belongs to, that aren't any tax debt related to the realty.
7. Rental contract if the realty is rented.
8. Building license, if realty is/has a building.
9. Insurance witting, affirmation for non debt to the able IKA.


Advices for Selling

What you have to do
1. Be prepared, do a marketing research about your house value.
2. The floor materials are very important.
3. Make a through cleaning of the property.
4. Take care your decoration, disappear all the odd and old things, so that the roominess and the effectiveness of the house will be shown.
5. Don't limit the buyer's options for customizing.

What you DO NOT have to do
1. To spend much money for the refurbrishment of the house.
2. To decorate the house with your personal style.
3. To omit the electric and the plumbing repairs.
4. To paint the walls with dark or strong colors.
5. To think unreasonable on house cost.


Advices for Renting


Rental Preliminarily
Do not ever take a deposit and do not give the keys to a candidate renter before you are absolutely sure about his identity and his AFM and before he signs the rental contract that you or your solisitor composes. For rentals regarding a large property, if the candidate renter is totaly unknown to you, then do not be hesitate to ask proof of his solvency, or to subscribe the leasing contract a creditable guarantor. DO NOT ever rent a realty by telephone!

The house rentings have three years legal length and for business properties it is twelve years. The termination of a business property rental without compensation to the renter can be done after 16 years, this is 12 for office rentals. Usually, the time length that is agreeded and written in the professional rental contracts is lower, considering that if 2 years have passed, the renter can leave before their expiration of the contract, but he must give a written warning to the owner six months prior and to compensate him with 4 monthly rents!

Rent amount
Must be written in the renting contract and note in your tax return the whole amount, the whole stamp debt and to specify exactly the yearly increase. To reposit always the renting contracts to the able D.O.Y., within 30 days from their editing. To declare always the whole rental fee and do not ever accept a renter's proposal for lower rent declaration. The non written and the non rent declaration is the most STUPID and the most DANGEROUS thing that a lessor can do!

Always determine specially the kind of the realty usage that you are leasing (shop, laboratory, store, main or secondary house etc.), and the identities of the persons that shall live in the realty.

Leasing Contract
Always use exclusively the formed renting contract that are shared from the Information Offices of P.OM.ID.A. (Sofokleous 15, Athens, and to all large Greek cities or in the web address For important rentals (e.g. to business etc.) always consult your solicitor! Especially be careful if you are asked to sign a renting contract edited from the renter!

Holder Relations
Do not ever forget that the renting, especially to houses, is a lasting human relation, and for this you MUST firstly face up your holder as a person! Do not turn to the courts before you exhaust any scope agreement with your old renter, and do not forget that a good renter is always prefable from a good rent. For this do not seek for illogical rents, because finally you will have more losses than gains!

Attention to every transaction
The renting is a transction with capital effects, often irrecoverable. Then always be careful and do not do any move if you do not have your solicitor advice, especially if you do not have experience in realty rents! Do not sign renter assignors finding (or buyer) to unknown to you real estate agents! First of all do not ever accept to pay a deposit to any person promises that he will find renter or buyer for your realty!

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  Agia Paraskeuh

Agia Paraskeuh
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60.000 €

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Advisory service to client

Maisonette in Agios Dimitrios, Rethymno

This beautifull maisonette of 118 Sq. mtrs, is tastefully designed, with excellent construction materials.

Price: 250.000 €
Bedrooms: 3
Living space area: 118 square metres

Arkadi Estate, Rethymno

This beautifull maisonette of 118 Sq. mtrs, is tastefully designed, with excellent construction materials.

Price: 499.000 €
Bedrooms: 6
Living space area: 400 square metres

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