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Our office offers a full line of Real Estate Services. With us you can find the property you are searching for!

Full line of Real Estate Services


  • To find the optimal realty, quickly and easily, we set the buyers econimical capability and we calculate the available cash finance, the ralty prices that are for sale and the buyers borrowing capability with the easy payment of them.
  • Firstly with the properly discussions and realty proposals in our office and secondly on sight, we try to determine the needs and the pleasure of the candidate buyers.
  • We are detecting the available realties according to the price and the interesting areas of the candidate buyers. In that stage we do NOT close out our cooperation with other Real Estate Agents.
  • We propose defined realties that we believe they apply to the requests of the specific buyer. We do not deter the candidate buyer, in contrast we defend his decision and we prepare the agreement closing since we get the buyer acceptance.
  • We attend that the agreement terms satisfy both our customers, buyers and sellers.
  • We intermediate with justice to the possible contrasts, and we suggest an objective point of view.
  • We cooperate with the notary, the possible lawyer, the accountant and the rest buyer partners, so as to face with no certain comfort all the problems that may come up, until the contract sing.
  • There is a periodic communication with the buyers to make sure that they have been pleased from their new realty.


  • With promptness we make welcome and let you define merchantable for your realty, since before we have informed you afout the prices, offering and demand to similar realties into the specific area, the sale cases and other parameters that they accent your realty price.
  • We recommend you ways to improve the marketability of your realty.
  • We accent and show you the probably problems and the similar advantages of your realty.
  • We provide you an objective and indifferent opinion, for your best utilization of your realty.
  • We place the available buyers and we propose your realty to those that we decide this realty suits to them.
  • We inform you from the first meeting for the buying procedure steps until the contract assignment.
  • We cooperate with the notary, the possible lawyer and the accountant, to collect all the essential papers that are required for the realty transfer.
  • We invest the 20% of the expected real estate fee to dynamically advertize your realty.
  • We are working uninterruptedly and methodic to succed the purchase.

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Rethymno °C

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south Rethymno

100.000 €

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Advisory service to client

Maisonette in Agios Dimitrios, Rethymno

This beautifull maisonette of 118 Sq. mtrs, is tastefully designed, with excellent construction materials.

Price: 250.000 €
Bedrooms: 3
Living space area: 118 square metres

Arkadi Estate, Rethymno

This beautifull maisonette of 118 Sq. mtrs, is tastefully designed, with excellent construction materials.

Price: 499.000 €
Bedrooms: 6
Living space area: 400 square metres

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