Cooperation Exclusivity

Cooperation Exclusivity

The cooperation exclusivity with ONLY one Real Estate Agent, for selling, buying or renting a realty, consist in customer profit for the following reasons:

1. The Real Estate Agent knowing that only he is acting to the customer dealings for selling or buying or renting a realty, he defeats any strong attempt for closing the deal in a small period of time and to compansate for his business.
In reverse, if he knows, (that sure knows, since in the customer command is not referring the exclusivity for his services) that and other Real Estate Agents or and the customer by self are selling, searching for realty, or renting the same realty, it is sense his interest for the specific realty to decrease, since he knows that maybe one of his "competitors" or maybe the customer by self will "turn off" the realty and his whole attempt to be lost, considering that the Real Estate Agent get paid by the ending of the purchase.
It is wrong what many believe : "that i will cooperate with many Real Estate Agents to have better results, through that the agents compete in between who will "turn off" the realty first".
This thinking is wrong since it drives in reverse results form the prospectives and the realty stays much time in the market (if it's about sale or buy or rent) and thus it loose its worth, or if it's about for realty seraching command for sale or rent, the agent interest decreases or may disappear for the specific customer.

2. With your exclusive Real Estate Agent you will cooperate as you cooperate with your Civil Engineer or your laywer, that you assign them an activity and in that case it is self-evidebt that it's activity is exclusively because differently the procedure is compecated. The same happens in case of customer cooperation with more than one agents for the same realty.

3. With the exclusive Real Estate Agent, the customer can visit him at times in his office after a date, to discuss themes relates the best realty appearance-promotion and other themes relates customer advice.

4. With the exclusivity, the Real Estate Agent becomes a mate, advisor and customer representative and there is a tight cooperation because there exists common targets. Certainly the choice of an exclusive agent must comes over with strictly valuation criteria from the customer. These must be the following:

- Real Estate Agent reliableness
- Real Estate Agency knowledge
- Specialized knowledge to technical and juristically themes
- Realty ways of promotion though the whole modern communication systems and the Internet

Because all of Real Estate Agents we are good to our activity, the customer in order to choose his exclusive agent, for the realty sales offering or the realty finding out for buying or renting it is good to visit many agents in the area and to discuss with them his plans before he decides with who he will cooperate. After these visits and discusses with the agents, he will decided sure who he will choose as exclusive cooperator-Real Estate Agent.

In the case of cooperation with more than one Real Estate Agents for the same realty it is good to exists a cooperation between the agents for selling or renting the specific realty, because with the command, each agents receives the same authorities and obligations and in the case that the realty sale succed from one agent or by the owner by self, it is possible, according to the Civil Code, the rest to claim to defeat from the owner the expenses they did for the appearance-promotion of the realty.

In any case the seller must knows, that every interested buyer, before buying a realty, whatever is that he will make a widely marketing researchc until he will ends in the realty he will buy. That is he will check up all the local press and the small announcements, he will visit 6-7 Real Estate Agencies and of course the INTERNET. Since then the buyer byself does such a sophisticated marketing research, it is unavailing and lost troubles for the seller to assigns his realty to many Real Estate

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